Originally from New York City, Adam Michaelson is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and piano player. Adam began playing the piano at the age of two, and began singing in his early teens. Adam has appeared on Broadway, as the "Piano Man", in the hit Broadway musical, "Movin' Out", he has twice received honorable mention in the Billboard National Songwriting Contest, and he performs all over the world.

Adam's new single, The Woodman and the Farmer, was recently released in conjunction with an official lyric video, and a cross promotion in which 50% of download sales profits from this single will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non profit organization dedicated to fighting hate-groups, bigotry, and extremism, and advocating for civil rights, the LGBT community, racial justice, and tolerance.

Adam's previous album, Elephants, Walls and Fences, which has received critical acclaim, is a collection of 11 original songs about love, loss, passion, emotional barriers and the lack of open communication in many relationships, and is available for purchase on this site, iTunes, Amazon, and other music retailers.