1. Walls


All alone
Behind the walls you’ve made
You can hide but you still feel the pain

There’s a hole
A dark and empty place
Inside and it won’t go away


Somebody hurt you so much
When you were just a child
Now you can’t fall in love
Or trust at all
You live behind a wall

I gave all
Gave you all I had in me
But still you needed to escape

All you’ve done
Is protect yourself from me
You could never let me reach that place


I know it hurts you so much
You push everyone away
And I would have been there for you
Through it all
I couldn’t break
Through the wall

So you talked
You talked the night away
Made another special friend like me

Till he falls
And reaches out in vain
Another wall is in the way


I know that you’ve cried so much
But nothing’s gonna change
If no one can reach you at all
And only you
Can break the wall