1. Dark Eyes


As I’m lying here
And the night fades in
People wondering
Where the hell I’ve been
Well a wave of you
Came crashing in
To my soul
Where’d I go?

I still feel your hair on my face
As we softly kissed
A beautiful smile that glowed
With such sweetness
And even the sound of your voice,
I remember this
Did you know?
Did you know?

That you
Those dark eyes
Make me feel
So alive
It’s you
I’ve waited all my life
To find

See I’m not here
I’m frozen in one night
Where all that I want
Was lying by my side
I’m frozen in time with you
In your arms that night
Don’t leave me there
Don’t leave me there

‘Cause you
Dark eyes
Make me feel
Things I can’t describe
It’s you
That I’ve spent all this time
Waiting for